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Emory Clark-Holder Clinic's history

Photo of Clark and Holder

In the early 1930s, Dr. Wallace Clark of LaGrange visited the Mayo Clinic as a patient. Persistent migraine headaches and a heart ailment had taken him many places for treatment, but he was most impressed by this Rochester, Minnesota medical facility. Realizing the quality of care that could be given to patients through group practice, Dr. Clark decided he wanted similar facilities for the West Georgia area. And therefore, he dedicated his life to make this dream a reality. While searching for a partner, a salesman from a surgical supply house told Dr. Clark about a young physician who was finishing his residency in surgery at Ware County Hospital in Waycross, Georgia. Clark contacted Holder in the mid-1930s and as the saying goes... "The rest is history"..

Emory Clark-Holder's first office
Clark-Holder Clinic's
first building

Dr. Clark died in 1955, breaking a 20-year relationship that had been immensely successful. This left Dr. Holder at the helm, and through his strong leadership the Clinic continued its steady growth. By 1957, the physicians had outgrown their medical facility for a second time and relocated to the present facility at the corner of Smith and North Lewis streets.

In 1961, Clark-Holder Clinic (originally organized as a partnership) was re-organized as a professional association taxable as a corporation. The Clinic was one of the first medical groups in Georgia to adopt Articles of Association and By-laws under the new law, Georgia Professional Association Act, passed by the Georgia General Assembly in April of 1961. In 1965, the IRS changed the law so that an association similar to Clark-Holder Clinic could not be taxed as a corporation solely because it "resembled" a corporation. The IRS said it had to be "identical" to a corporation and challenged the right of professionals to incorporate. After years of litigation, Holder vs. U.S. became one of two test cases carried through the courts all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Due to Dr. Holder’s persistence and favorable rulings at each lower court, the IRS finally decided to drop its appeal at the Supreme Court level. Dr. Holder, along with Dr. O'Neill of Cleveland, Ohio, and Dr. Kruzner of Miami, Florida, led the battle that won the war for equality for all self-employed, professional people, including physicians, accountants, and attorneys - the right to incorporate and to enjoy the tax benefits of corporate practice.

Clark-Holder Clinic's
second facility
In July 2008, the physicians of Clark-Holder Clinic joined Emory Healthcare as part of the Emory Specialty Associates division. This partnership has enhanced the clinic’s ability to provide medical care to the area and attract new physicians to the community. Emory Healthcare has been at the forefront of medicine since 1905 putting cutting-edge interventional research and technology into lifesaving action. With both organizations having long histories of providing outstanding medical care to the people they serve, this partnership enhances the healthcare services available to the people of this region.

Today, we maintain the same high standards that Drs. Wallace H. Clark and James S. Holder established in 1936. The physicians and staff at Emory Clark-Holder Clinic continue to focus on its primary mission of taking care of its patients.

Emory Clark-Holder Clinic's current building
Emory Clark-Holder Clinic's
current building

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